Resilient Sound Isolation Clip for

The RSIC-U® / RSIC-U HD® is designed for use with various wall designs. The RSIC-U® / RSIC-U HD® decouples the wall framing from the floor and ceiling structure. The RSIC-U® system eliminates flanking paths normally caused by a wall directly connected the floor or ceiling. When combined with the RSIC-1 wall system the highest possible noise control can be achieved by preventing noise from passing through wall framing into the adjoining structure. The RSIC-U® / RSIC-U HD® works directly with the RSIC-1 to achieve total decouple walls from the structure.


(Acoustical design load in pull 36 lbs. In compression 36 lbs)

Universal Bottom Track Isolation

Wood or Steel Framed Walls


(Acoustical design load in pull 72 lbs. In compression 72 lbs)

Universal Double Deflection Top Track Isolation

Wood or Steel Framed Walls

Floating Wood Flooring for Wood Framed Floors

Floating Wood Flooring for Concrete Floors

Floating Floor prifile