Soundproofing and Sound Isolation Products
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Resilient Sound Isolation Clip
RSIC-SI-1 Ultra Spring Isolator

RSIC-SI-1 Ultra Spring Isolator®

The RSIC SI-1 Ultra is designed for use with any wood framed, steel framed, or concrete (with Over Head Adapter) ceiling system where noise control is needed. The RSIC-1 assembly decouples and isolates the gypsum board or plywood from the structure increasing the acoustical performance of the system. With an Acoustical design load range from 5 lbs to 40 lbs per isolator, the RSIC-SI-1 Ultra clip can support up to two layers of 5/8" gypsum board when spaced at 24" x 48" oc. For heavier systems increase the number of isolators to support the additional weight of the system. The RSIC-SI-1 Ultra clip fastens directly to the framing or structure creating an air cavity between the face of the framing and the back of the gypsum board. The RSIC-SI-1 Ultra stops the noise and vibrations that typically would be allowed to transfer through the structure.

RSIC-SI-1 Ultra Sample Assembly Drawings

Built to perform with G560
1 Hour Fire Test

Verify product application before adding to UL Fire Rated Assemblies