Resilient Sound Isolation Clip
(RSIC-1 Backer®)

RSIC-1 Backer®
RSIC-1 Backer HD®

The RSIC-Backer® series is a heavy duty mount used together with the RSIC-1 clips, creating the only complete noise isolation system that can support heavy items. The RSIC-Backer can be used in new construction or retrofit. The RSIC-Backer should be used when items need to be acoustically decoupled for noise and vibration isolation.

A few examples of the possible uses for the RSIC-Backer series of noise control clips: Cabinet Support, Chalk boards, Projector screens, Handicap grab bars, Lockers, TV wall mount support, Handrails.

RSIC-1 Backer STD (108 lbs)

RSIC-1 Backer HD/DD (216 lbs)

1. Steel framed wall
2. RSIC-1 Backer
3. 6" C channel track
4. RSIC-1 clips and Hat Channel

RSIC-1 Backer installed to steel stud framed wall. 6" C channel (Steel track) screwed to RSIC-1 Backer.

Verify product application before adding to UL Fire Rated Assemblies